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Choose Your Financial Freedom

Financial freedom feels warm & fuzzy.

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6 Months

Same as Cash

(Nothing upfront)

Customer must be in business under current management for a minimum of three years.

No Payments, No Interest for 6 Months.

Pay full cash price within 6 Months or roll into monthly payment program up to 4 years and $1 buyout.

$99 Doc Fee. Waived for 2018!

Factors (below) are multiplied times total cost to calculate monthly payment amount.

Term Rate Factors
12 Months .0990
24 Months .0526
36 Months .0366
48 Months .0294
3-Year Example

$10,000 x .0366 = $366.00/mo.

Customer must be in business under current ownership for 3 years or more.

12 Months

0% Interest

(12 Monthly Payments)

Payments are calculated by dividing the equipment cost by 12.

First and last payment due upfront. Next payment due within 30-45 days.

Customer owns the equipment at the end for $1.

$99 Doc Fee. Waived for 2018!


$10,000 ÷ .0366 = $366.00/mo.

First and last: $1666.66, then 10 monthly payments of $833.33.