Building Management System Enhanced with HVLS Technology

How can a building management system be enhanced with HVLS technology?

✅ EnergyLogic’s high-volume, low-speed fans can be integrated into most building management systems.
✅ Central programming reduces energy usage, saves time, and is more convenient to manage.
✅ Connecting an HVLS fan to a building management system can also prolong the life of the fan.
✅ Integrating HVLS fans into your building management system offers you complete climate control in one location.
Incredible Benefits

A building management system (BMS) is important to ensure facility safety and monitoring and optimization of resources and subsystems. It helps your facility manager stay on top of important issues, such as power usage, while giving you the freedom to control everything from lighting to security from a single computer. Building management systems are also primed to work with High-volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans. Both components come together to ensure the best results and maximum efficiency with the least amount of effort required on your part. Adding an HVLS fan into your BMS will provide some truly incredible benefits you can’t ignore.

Lower Energy Use

The biggest benefit of HVLS fans is how much energy they save. First of all, HVLS fans are programmable, so you’ll never waste energy running one at too high of a speed. You can simply adjust the settings to cater to the temperature of that day.

Lower Energy Costs

HVLS fans are also much more efficient than other temperature control methods. It takes a lot less power to operate a high-volume, low-speed fan than a window unit or HVAC system, while moving a far greater quantity of air. As a result, it costs less to keep your building comfortable.

Time-Saving Convenience

Your building management system can rely on a single system of HVLS fans instead of multiple thermostats, panels, and software. Trying to manage the latter all at once will not only waste time but can lead to mistakes and oversights like wasted energy. The smaller your team is, the more important it becomes that every minute is spent effectively.

Prolonged Fan Lifespan

Longer Lifespan for Your Fan

Let’s say you already have HVLS fans in your building. Connecting HVLS fans with your building management system can actually extend the life of the fan. Proper control allows you to ensure your fans are running at the perfect speed and turning in the right direction. You can program HVLS fans to shut down when no one is around and start up before workers arrive. This ensures the best temperature control without putting unnecessary hours on the motor. Cutting down on running time means you’ll have a longer warranty, too. 

Quieter Operation

An HVLS fan makes a lot less noise than other heating and cooling alternatives. With features like EnergyLogic’s direct drive motor and NASA-inspired blades, you’ll enjoy maximum airflow with minimum sound. This is especially important if you’re going to have customers in your building, since too much noise detracts from the buying experience.

Complete Climate Control

Integrate HVLS Fans into Your Building Management System

When you’re ready to see how HVLS fans can improve your building management system, and your business, give us a call at EnergyLogic. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and help any way we can.

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